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Fruit Inspired Tableware by Designer Vii Chen | Gallery
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Fruit Inspired Tableware by Designer Vii Chen | Gallery

Inspired by fruit and animal patterns, Taiwanese designer Vii Chen produced a series of cups and ceramics that reproduces fruits and turns them into utensils.

By FDL on

Born in 1983, designer Vii Chen grew up and studied in Taiwan, where she graduated with a Master of Design in 2012. She works with natural materials, advances workmanship and leverages on the physical experience between user and object.

Starting from this point, she design some fruit and nature inspired tableware Fine Dining Lovers feature in the gallery you can find above: Fruit and Vegetable Peels, and Table Zoo. About the first one, she explains: "The action of eating sweet potato is the origin of design for hand feeling conversion. It's observed that people would use the peels of sweet potato or fruits as “utensils” as eating them. This filling and hand handling concept is converted to the design of pottery cup. The local vegetables and fruits selected are separated by the arrangements and features of peel texture and six textures of fruits and vegetables are placed on the cup with the same specification. In addition to the visual affection to the looks of cups, the thought in memory will be reinforced as touching the cup. The self-experiencing is indispensable for people pursuing lifestyle in this modern world with abundant supply of materials. This product begins with the idea of life-experiencing. A user, either an adult or a child, will have interaction with and co-learning from this product. It is an interaction and educational process through which a user understands the body of cup and the texture of fruit or vegetable peel. We intend to keep the particularities of outer and inner surfaces. Furthermore, the space between these two surfaces is empty. That is, a user will not worry about being scalded when his or her hands direct contact the cup with hot drink within.

She received several awards, including the Good Design Award Package in 2013, Red Dot Award Young Professional 50 people winner in 2013; Shanghai Designers Week 50/100 young design in 2012; Red Dot Award winner in Singapore in 2009; Braun Prize China announcement winner in 2009; IF Design Award winner in 2008.

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