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Prisma, ray of lights in the pastry world of Frank Haasnoot

Prisma, ray of lights in the pastry world of Frank Haasnoot

Chef Frank Haasnoot presents Prisma, his first cooking book in which every chapter is a wonderful journey into a different colour. Feast you eyes!

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From the glass prisma that breaks up the lights in a full range of colours to Frank Haasnoot's personal Prisma, the book which opens the door on the world of the Dutch's master of pastry through six colours (white, yellow, red, green, violet and black) to feast your eyes and exaltate your palate.

The six colour chosen by Haasnoot are also the six chapter of his first book, and every chapter is a wonderwheel of eight creations, individual or family cake format. A tasty trip into the universe of colour and perfect executions, lots of touchable memories of the journeys that Haasnoot made in the real life, including experiences in cities such as Dubai, Taipei and Hong Kong.  White means balance, elegance and lightness. Yellow is used for ideas and spontaneity. Red represents passion. Green is the colour related to nature and freshness. Violet is chosen for magic, imagination, inspiration and creativity. Black is the symbol of sobriety and nobility.

All the recipes in the book Prisma are explained in detail, with comments and complimentary images to better understand the creative universe of the chef, the spirit that inspires each creation and the techniques he uses to achieve each result. The colours used in decorations are outstanding and bright, but all 100% natural.

There are a lot of influences and connections: herbs, spices, teas and tiny and weird vegetables are combined with more typical pastry ingredients such as fruit and chocolate in a simphony of renewed flavours and also shapes. A special attenion is paid to the finishing touches, precious details that makes every creation a little artwork, as it became Haasnoot's personal signature. 

Frank Haasnoot was awarded the World Chocolate Masters in 2011. Prisma gathers all the experiences and all the masterpieces that gave him popularity in the past years but also new creations that are still faithful to the main features of Haasnoot's pastry: forms, the formats, the innovative techniques and the sweet result. A party of colors and creativity that knows how to find a wise balance between aesthetics, intensity of flavor, and love for perfect performances that, despite this, transmit craftsmanship and a love for what is hand-made. 

Below, you can feast your eyes with a selection of the most outstanding creations by Frank Haasnoot feautured in Prisma. Enjoy!

Arabica | Black chapter


Autumn | Yellow chapter


Basil | Green chapter


Blueberry | Purple chapter


Choco coco | White chapter


J’adore | Red chapter



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