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Fornelli d'Italia
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Fornelli d'Italia

A photographic reportage about immigrant chefs who work in the kitchens of Italy’s famous restaurants: an exhibition during Milan Food Week in progress

By FDL on

«The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach»: if integration can’t manage to pass through the heart, let’s find another path.

This is the spirit behind the creation of Fornelli d’Italia (The Stoves of Italy) a photographic reportage depicting immigrant chefs who work in the kitchens of many of Italy’s famous restaurants. Photographers Michele De Andreis and Marco Delogu collected stories, personal testimonies and portraits of men and women who have left their own countries of origin. Often, they began as dishwashers and then found that from behind the stove, there was the chance to begin a new life.

The title of the project is a play on words between the title of the national anthem, Fratelli d’Italia and Fornelli d’Italia. It’s a pro-integration message for the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Italian state, as well as a way to honour the social and cultural value of food: a passion that, for all the featured subjects, has become a vehicle for self-realization and redemption.

Fornelli d’Italia, created and produced by Etnocom Etnomarketing and in collaboration with Gambero Rosso, is also on display as a photographic exhibit, hosted at the concept store, S.L.S Shopping Lifts Spirit to celebrate the third edition of Milano Food Week: nine days (from Saturday 7 to Sunday 15 May) of meals, culinary appointments, tastings, artistic shows and special events.

On the right you can find some foodie tips from Milan Food Week.
Fornelli d’Italia
Immigrant chefs in Italy’s kitchens
Photographs by Marco Delogu and Michele De Andreis
S.L.S Shopping Lifts Spirit
Until 15th May

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