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Fool: A New Food Mag From Sweden
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Fool: A New Food Mag From Sweden

An interview with the creators of Fool, a new food magazine with a focus on photography, fun, some of the world's best chefs... and their ducks

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Every once in a while a new product comes along that gets the world looking - in our world that might be a new ingredient, kitchen technique or a must have gadget - Or, like in the case of Fool, a new glossy magazine aimed at food lovers.

The magazine is the creation of Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen; a husband and wife duo with years of experience in food photography, artistic direction  and publishing.

After working together on a number of projects, Lotta as an art director and Per-Anders as photographer, they finally decided to take the plunge and launch their own mag. As they explained: "We created Fool out of a foolish love for food, because we wanted to tell the unique stories of all the fantastic people we have met.

"Fool is different to other magazines on food, taking inspiration from fashion, design and popular culture. We like working with photographs and illustrations the same way as fashion magazines. There are no no recipes; no high end fashion magazine would have sewing patterns for clothes. Gastronomy needs to be taken seriously but with humor."

The first print shipped this month with issue 1 focusing on Naturals, including a six-page portrait portfolio on chef Magnus Nilsson's heritage ducks. With extensive contacts, a philosophy of fun and a love of food - Fool is off to a flying start.

Ahead of the official launch of the magazine we decided to sit down and have a chat with the Per-Anders and Lotta to get some tips and advice on how they create such beautiful pictures - You can see a selection of the shots from Fools opening issue and more from Per-Anders collection in the gallery above. 

What advice would you give to people wanting to work in your industry?
To stop and think. To rewrite and consider. Then think again. And then don´t be disappointed if what you do did not turn out exactly as you anticipated. It is like cooking, surprises can be good, have an open mind.

What makes a good food photograph?
Knowledge, passion and understanding. Try not to think in conventional ways and possibly have "luck" on your side.

What are the most important techniques to learn?
To forget about everything they tell you about how to do a photograph and all the stuff they want to sell you; a great chef can cook with any equipment!

What's the best way to learn - classical education or go getting?
A bit of both. For food you obviously need a knowledge of the stuff in front of you and for portraits take a psychology class!

If you could pass on three top tips to take better food pictures what would they be?
Forget about flashes and gear. Get rid of all the stuff that distracts you from the food, make it clean.

What's the biggest mistake you see from amateur food photographers?
Don’t eat and do photos at the same time.

What's the hardest thing when trying to get into professional food photography?
Have never thought about that.

Is there any food that always looks ugly on camera ?
I (Lotta) think, there are few photographers who can make everything and anyone look interesting. Its all about the photographers eye not the object.

What do you think of apps like instagram? Are they useful or a hindrance?
Apps are great! But an app can’t make ugly food look (or taste) good!

What lens never to use for food?
Never say never, but maybe fisheye...

What's the one lens every food photographer should have?
Something with a macro, allowing you to move in close.

To flash or not flash?
No flash for me...

issue 1 of Fool Magazine can be ordered online.

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