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Food and tv series: tasty quotes dished up

Food and tv series: tasty quotes dished up

Food and tv series: from Friends to the Gilmore Girls, Mad Men or Hannibal, a collection of delicious tv quotes you can't miss if you're craving tv series.

By FDL on

Television series are a source of great wisdom: fans of American tv shows already know this truth. It may not surprise you to know that even in matters of food some TV series dish out much advice.

Culinary selfishness, vindictiveness against vegetarian food, a love for dessert and a passion for alcohol: we have delicious tv quotes for all of these topics.

Out of all the characters of Friends the most morbidly attached to food is undoubtedly the penniless Joey, an Italian­American actor who has provided us with more than one maxim on the food.

What should you say to that friend who always wants to taste food from your plate? This, for example:

Or what is the solution when the refrigerator breaks down suddenly? In a historic episode of Friends Joey gives us a good starting point:

Ron Swanson is the gruff character of Parks and Recreation, a comedy that follows the story of a fictional American town, Pawnee. Ron embodies the true American liberal, meat lover and a liquor drinker. Perhaps not a great food model to follow, but let's make note of one thing: this character, more than any other, has a loving relationship with food that pops up in every episode.

Here’s an example on the topic of breakfast:

And if you're a hardcore carnivore, recycle this joke when anyone asks you if you want salad as a side dish:

Everyone remembers the Gilmore Girls, the series aired its first season 10 years ago, which starred a mother and daughter both obsessed, among other things, with coffee and cakes.

If someone ever bugs you about dieting or gives you good reasons for giving up sweets, we suggest you defend yourself with this quote:

Hannibal Lecter is definitely a gourmet, a degenerate one but, nonetheless, a gourmet. On NBC's Hannibal the character is a refined serial killer, who like the movie The Silence of the Lambs loves to feed on human flesh, and organize dinners.

Here you will understand the irony of the sentence below, that we suggest you use for carving yourself out from embarrassing situations in which someone makes you weigh your appetite:

To close we have a nice nightcap, and who better than Mad Men could give us the right phrase? Mad Men, you'll know by now, is a TV series on AMC that features the life of advertising executives in New York during the 60s. Among the many flaws of this pack of hungry men ­ which include fame and success ­ there is also alcohol. So many glasses of liquor are drunk on the set of Mad Men it would be impossible to count them all. In this regard, one of the most controversial characters of the entire series, Roger Sterling, says a great truth about drinking and new generations.

As well as in the 60's, this quote could easily use it even today:

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