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2011, a Year in Food Hashtags

2011, a Year in Food Hashtags

Top food trends on twitter in 2011. A recap of the year with FDL's top five food trends and topics centered on the world of fine dining

By FDL on

1. #RoyalWedding
The royal wedding, celebrated last April, captured the hearts, imagination and the appetites of the world with millions of people tuning in to watch it live on television. Fine Dining Lovers introduced the woman in charge of producing the ten tier wedding cake for the big day, Fiona Cairns. We also took a look a number of street parties taking place across the UK to celebrate the event.

Hover some of the most interesting tweets were about those who had created their own royal recipes.

Royal Wedding commemorative pizza... Forget cucumber sandwiches

We're bananas for Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada's banana sculptures feat William and Kate

And it all got a bit much when this sweet discovery was made

Royal wedding news of the day: a jelly bean whose spots resemble Kate Middleton will be put up for £500 on eBay.

2. #50best
The 2011 San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants list was announced in April and Twitter was awash with people commenting about the awards and congratulating the Danish chef, René Redzepi, for picking up world's best restaurant for the second year in a row.

FDL was at the event and streamed all the action live: here are some of the tweets from the night. 

Rene Redzepi again RT@TheWorlds50Best: The 2011 Winner of the #theworlds50best #restaurant is #Noma of #Denmark

Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak of restaurant Arzak is named 2011 winner of the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award

France's Anne-Sophie Pic is named the first Best Female Chef in the Worldas part of @TheWorlds50Best restaurant awards

3. #Elbulli
Farewell Ferran were the cries as on the 30th July Ferran Adrià and the elBulli team served their last meal. The restaurant in Roses, Spain, five times voted the best in the world. It served more than 8 thousand meals and recieved a reported 2 million reservations, before closing its doors to reopen as a culinary foundation in 2012.

Serious foodies were all over Twitter paying their respect to Ferran whileFDL did a full account of the chef and his work.

But the most telling tweets were those from other big chefs, showing just what an effect Ferran and his food had on the industry.

Me having an elBulli moment

Elbulli closes: farewell Parmesan frozen air

@Gachatz (Grant Achatz)
In Spain celebrating el Bulli's last service tomorrow night. Here was one of our gifts to Ferran and the elBulli team

4. #MichelinStars
This November saw the announcement of the 2011 Michelin Star winning restaurants. There were a number of restaurants gaining stars throughout the world but only a few chefs receive the much coveted 3rd Star. Massimo bottura, that Fine Dining Lovers interviewed during a very special day in Modena, picked up his third star and was elated with tweets coming in thick and fast to congratulate the Italian chef.

Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana gains third star in Michelin guide to Italy. Four new two stars and 33 (yes 33) new one stars

@massimobottura screaming in the car "I still can't believe it" ***Michelin For Osteria francescana #michelinitaly2012

5. #Christmas (the turkey disaster...)
Christmas rates high on this list and is reported as falling into the top ten all time trends of 2011. This was obviously made up of people talking all things Christmas but it's hard to avoid the fact that lots of this chatter was in relation to food. There was the obvious recipe sharing taking place in the run up to the holiday and FDL wasn't different bringing some great christmas recipes from community members.

But the stand out festive tweets are from those sent on Christmas day, from those people in the midst of dining dilemmas.

I forgot to defrost the turkey yesterday. #disaster

Disaster! The turkey is too big for the oven! #christmas

Christmas DISASTER!!!! Oven suddenly not working, turkey is smiling!

First time cooking dinner today and I've had a turkey disaster. It's been resting against a cold bit in fridge and part of it has frozen.

Obviously these tweets were sent from those people who didn't read FDL's turkey cooking tips before the big day arrived...Happy to New Year to all! 

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