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Selfie Mania: 7 Tips to Take the Perfect Food Selfies

Selfie Mania: 7 Tips to Take the Perfect Food Selfies

2013 word of the year according to the Oxford dictionary, selfie mania has turned into a phenomenon. And there is food: here are the best tips for food selfie.

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Up until a few months ago, we would have called it a self-timer. The Oxford Dictionary elected it '2013's Word of the Year', and almost everyone has done #Selfie: it is a picture of yourself taken with mobile, smartphone or tablet, to be instantly shared on a social network. The point? Showing off a new haircut, tattoo, a special place.

Of course, there is food: for it to become a phenomenon we had to wait for the first front facing iPhone 4 camera, #noselfiecontrol is now taking over people's lives.

Here are seven good tips for a good #foodselfie.

1. Careful with lights
Pick a well lit place and there shouldn't be too much light coming from the back of your shoulders that makes the whole thing look too misty.

2. Check your smile
Use the front facing camera to check on your camera's display your teeth one by one just in case you got some food stuck in there!

3. Geolocation
You are about to walk in your favorite restaurant or made reservations at a famous chef's restaurant? Take the first selfie before going making sure you have the insignia well in as well as your face. The geolocation function will confirm you are actually there.

4. The Menu
While seated, cover your face by half with an open menu, we should only see your eyes. Keep the smartphone at arms' distance, take your face shot making sure the menu is visible. An expert #selfier might be able to show the surrounding atmosphere and the restaurant's design.

5. Eating and drinking
This is the most important moment! Take a selfie while you are biting on your sandwich, enjoying your food, or sipping good wine. It's ok to close your eyes to show the world how much you are actually enjoying it.

6. Interpretation
Whether you like what you eat or not will show only if you act accordingly. You must be professional and pick the right expression, one that will convey what you want people to see. Your lips should always be half closed, your head turned by 3/4 on the side to define your face, and you should always handle your fork with your right hand for a first course and on your left for the second.

7. Groupie
If you are at a famous chef's restaurant, ask the manager if you can see the chef in person to congratulate him. Turn on the camera on your smartphone and don't waste any time, chefs are always super busy! As soon as he comes by your table get him cheek to cheek and take your #celebrityselfie.

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