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Dining with Marie-Antoinette

Dining with Marie-Antoinette

A Queen of the French Revolution, Marie-Antoinette's legendary tale made croissants famous worldwide and throughout history

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She was the youngest daughter of Emperor Francis I and Emperess Maria Theresa, given in marriage to Louis XVI with the intent to create a solid alliance between France and Austria. Marie-Antoinette wasn't well-liked by her subjects from the start, mainly because she was foreign, but also because she was frivolous, extravagant lifestyle (thought wrongly to be the cause of France's financial problems), and her intrusion into the affairs of the aristocracy.

At the outbreak of the French Revolution, in 1789, she sided with the most intransigent aristocrats and forced her spouse to not accept any compromise with the moderate revolutionaries. After the declaration of the Republic, in 1792, she was tried by the Revolutionary Tribunal and condemned to death by guillotine on the 16th of October 1793. 

She was beautiful, vivacious, intriguing, she loved being surrounded by young men and live in luxury. 

It's probably why they put in her mouth these famous - but historically untrue - words "let them eat cake", which in French translates to "let them eat brioches" (or croissants), thought to be spoken to the Prime Minister when he confronted her with the fact that the population was out of bread. One of the main reasons for the Revolutions outbreak.

Altough Historians confirm and believe that the Queen never pronounced these words, we will use them here as an excuse to give you the modern croissant's recipe.


Ingredients: Puff or French Pastry

Roll out the pastry thinly. Cut it in triangles, the base should be 6 fingers large. Roll in each triangle on itself and fold the angles until it shapes up like a croissant.

Brush with the yolk of an egg and let it rest.

Put the croissants in a hot oven, and when they are golden take them out to serve. 


This story is taken from the book Tacuinum dè Eccellentissimi, ali&no publisher.

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