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Paolo Grinza: "I Photograph What I Know the Most, Food"
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Paolo Grinza: "I Photograph What I Know the Most, Food"

A chat with Turin-based food photographer Paolo Grinza about his food-related projects: Veggies From Outer Space and a project about food packaging.

By FDL on

“Photograph only what you know.” Inspired by these words Italian photographer Paolo Grinza started working with the matter he loves and knows the most, food. Together with Plastikwombat studio in Turin, Italy, in the past years he launched some food related projects about eating: Siamo quello che mangiamo. Siamo quello che buttiamo (We are what we eat, We are what we waste), where he explores the packaging field, asking himself how it affects our health. Another project, called Veggies From Outer Space, depicts fruits and vegetables as planets in an obscure space (pictured above).

Fine Dining Lovers had the opportunity to ask Paolo Grinza some questions about his work.

When did your passion for photography start? And what about the one for food?

For sure my passion for cooking came first, as soon as I was able to be at the stove without making any mess. The passion for photography started in a much more intimate way, as I was trying to create something of my own and express myself through images. Combining the two elements was quite natural.

How does food influence your life and work?
Cooking is my life refuge, where I search for balance. Baking bread is what gives me peace the most.

How did you create your projects - Veggies from outer space and Siamo quello che mangiamo. Siamo quello che buttiamo?
These projects were born in diametrically opposite ways: the first one took shape while I was studying some light techniques I didn’t know. When I used them to light up a melon I realized how much it looked like an asteroid in the space. This moment gave me the idea for the whole series. The second one is a project designed with Silvia Vaulà, a photographer from Sudio Plastikwombat. We wanted to create a photographic series to sensitize the audience about the impact of food packaging on our health. The idea of elegantly putting some rubbish in the place was very effective.

Is there any artists you’re inspired by?
Generally speaking, it’s always very important to have a good knowledge of the history of photography. Photographers like Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff, Mauricio Alejo are a great source of inspiration for me. Their work stimulates me a lot.

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