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The Future of Food: a Look Ahead

The Future of Food: a Look Ahead

Food of the future: What will we eat, how will it look, and more importantly - how will it taste ? FDL investigates with the help of some expert opinions

By FDL on

In these first days of the year, close your eyes and think of the future. You’re in 2050, and sitting down to eat dinner: can you imagine what you’ll be serving? Insects, ultra-nutritious capsules, or maybe foraged herbs and leaves?

Whether it’s a multi-course dinner served in a 3-star restaurant or your daily lunch eaten at home, it’s impossible not to wonder how our way of feeding ourselves will change with regards both to taste and habits. FDL began looking ahead, and we’d like to take advantage of this first day of the new year to sum up the opinions and ideas we’ve gathered thus far.

For example, we asked one of the world’s most famous food designers, Spain’s Martì Guixé, whose career requires him to predict the shapes and ways we’ll be consuming food in the future. In brief, his opinion is this: «In forty years,» Guixé told us, «food will have no shape or flavour: it will be nutritional and, more importantly, the table will not exist anymore: the very idea of the table will be obsolete.» Sceptical? Frightened? Find the whole interview here.

For a while now, the Food and Agriculture Organization has already been looking into the potential of edible forest insects as a current and future food source. Fine Dining Lovers was intrigued by this idea and used the occasion of an event organized in London to explore the experience of insect tasting. We confronted the opinions of the London chef Daniel Creedon with those of the entomologist Stuart Hine. And, of course, we had to taste some insects for ourselves. Curious? Queasy? Here’s the story.

Ideas that spark even the most creative imaginations: the world’s most innovative designers keep questioning what the future of food will look and taste like, collecting and confronting the suggestions and ideas from chefs and scientists. FDL wanted to talk about their projects, presented duringMilan’s Design Week by the Foodam association. You can see what they’ve come up with in our gallery, and take a dive into 2050… 

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