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Iconic Images from Food in Vogue
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Iconic Images from Food in Vogue

A selection of amazing and revolutionary pictures from 'Food in Vogue', a book dedicated to the iconic magazine's food photography and writing.

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Vogue, the famous fashion and lifestyle magazine, has published a new book dedicated to food photography and essays, entitled Food in Vogue. Designed by Fred Woodward, the famous Condé Nast art director, the collector's item captures 200 images from the 125-year-old magazine’s history.

A stunning collection of pictures highlights how the visual representation of food has changed during the years of the publication of the magazine, thanks to the collaboration with famous photographers and artists (Irving Penn, Raymond Meier, Helmut Newton and many others). 

Essays, articles and chef interviews by some famous food critics and writers who have collaborated with the magazine (Jeffrey Steingarten, Tamar Adler, Oliver Strand, etc) are also included, reflecting the history of food writing during the last century.

Revolutionary Food Pictures

The pictures capture the unexpected element, an essential element of Vogue’s representation of food.

Vogue has always been known for great photography; but for its unconventional, eye-catching treatment of food - including the minimalist provocations of Irving Penn - the magazine was and still is a true pioneer.

Daniel Boulud

We have selected some striking and tempting pictures from the book which show how revolutionary Vogue’s food photography has always been, enjoy the gallery in the top of the page!
For more information about the book, click here.


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