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Crafting Food out of Paper: Zim & Zou
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Crafting Food out of Paper: Zim & Zou

Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann are two graphic designers who teamed up to create paper installations and objects that will capture your visual senses

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Thibault Zimmermann teamed up with Lucie Thomas to form Zim&Zou, a French studio based in Nancy that explores different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration. Both aged 25, they studied graphic design during 3 years in an art school.

Rather than composing images on a computer, they prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos out of them. A number of intricate illustrations actually come from the three-dimensional installations made by Zim&Zou. Their choice of paper is due to the versatility and good quality of the material, especially when it is sculpted and photographed. Zim&Zou's strength is to be a complementary and polyvalent duo.  

FDL caught up with Thibault Zimmermann for an interview: 

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
I would definitely be a fried zucchini flower.

What's the first taste you remember?
The first taste I remember was fizzy fruit shape powder candy.  

Something you always have in your fridge?

The most appetizing work you've taken?
Probably the Chef's Mask serie, because we had to find what would look like the chef's menu if it had to be a face, dealing just with the ingredients used to cook. It was really funny to discover the personality of each menu.

The dish to die for?
Any of my mother's dishes.

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