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Play With Your Food, 'Lazy Mom' Suggests | Gallery
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Play With Your Food, 'Lazy Mom' Suggests | Gallery

Check out a collection of fun and ironic food related images by 'Lazy Mom', an artistic New York-based duo that loves re.arranging objects. View the gallery!

By FDL on

Lazy Mom is a collaboration between two 28-year-old, both New York-based, artists: prop stylist Josie Keefe, born in Syracuse (New York) and window dresser Phyllis Ma (born in Guangzhou, China). They both attended Columbia University, and started working together to style things that didn't necessarily make sense: as they explained in an interview, the collaboration is born of their obsession for arranging and re-arranging objects.

Their name pokes fun at the idea of a bored housewife, slapping together meals like one precarious meat, cheese, and pickle stack, meals that look slapdash but were actually the result of many subtle arrangements. The project explores imaginative tangents on traditional food photography in the form of still lifes: stripes of raw bacon are wrapped around cotton candy pink hair rollers, suggesting the capricious whims of a bored housewife, a baloney sandwich is rearranged based on a set of undisclosed aesthetic rules.

After the project went viral on Instagram and Tumblr, the duo is now experimenting with video and stop-motion.


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