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Isabella Vacchi: "Food? It's a Matter of Shades"

Isabella Vacchi: "Food? It's a Matter of Shades"

An interview with the 23-year-old Italian photographer Isabella Vacchi, who has already demonstrated her talent combining food and colors.

By FDL on

Although very young, the 23-year-old photographer Isabella Vacchi has already demonstrated her talent in food and art performing: the first two series she signed – Monochrome and Deconstruct – focus on the chromatic variety of foods, with a collection of different pictures always very coherent.

Born in Nice, France, but raised in Bologna and now based in Milan, Isabella graduated at IED Design Institute with a dissertation on food photography and works freelance. As she explains in this interview with Fine Dining Lovers, she might enrich the Monochrome series with new shots in the future.

How did your passion for photography start?
It started slowly, when I was almost 12 or 13. When I turned 14 I asked for a reflex camera for my birthday: since that day I’ve never stopped taking pictures. The passion grew so much it turned into a proper job.

How does food influence your life and work?
I’m French-born but I’ve grown up in Italy, in Bologna. My culinary culture is something I’m very proud of and represents me since the day I was born. Food is for me one of the authentic pleasures of life: it’s very hard for me to deprive myself of what I love eating. It’s not by chance that food influences my mood! While working, food is a way to express my style. I usually don’t define myself as a food photographer, but a still life author.

How did you create Monochrome and Deconstruct series?
They’re both part of my final university work. The fil rouge in the projects is the relationship between food and colour, a topic I’m very interested in as well as colorimetry, color classification, etc.

What food artists or works have influenced your work?
I research a lot and I’m very inspired by contemporary still life in general. If I had to mention two photographers, definitely they would be my hero Carl Kleiner and the French photographer Florent Thanet.

Any new future food projects?
I’m not sure yet, but I’d like to go deeper into the Monochrome project.

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