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Surrealism is Served: Food Art by Patella Brothers
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Surrealism is Served: Food Art by Patella Brothers

A look at the 'Dish' series by the artistic trio Patella Brothers: 13 limited-edition plates featuring trompe l'oeil objects that feels surrealist or dreamlike.

By FDL on

New York City-based Patella Brothers (Antonello, Sandro, and Roberto) are visual artists working as a collaborative trio. Working in photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture, they maintain a balance necessary to welcome in the viewer as part spectator and part collaborator, producing work that offers insight and clues into their world while challenging our views about the world around us.

Their latest creation, Dish, is a series of 13 limited-edition porcelain plates (shown in the gallery at the top of the page) featuring different silk-screened designs: "Each trompe l'oeil design has a distinct narrative told through a serendipitous combination of objects that feels surrealist or dreamlike", reads the series description.

Exploring new perspectives and altered visions of the ordinary, the series - exhibited and sold at Artware editions gallery - has brought Patella Brothers' interest into the realm of the everyday object.

Fine Dining Lovers has reached the Patella Brothers to ask few questions about the series and their relationship with food.

Which food would you serve with one of your Dish series?
DISH #1 Dome II A croissant
DISH #2 Breathng Life, Broken Down Beer battered fish and chips
DISH #3 Fell Into A Hole Last Night Spaghetti puttanesca
DISH #4 Progression Roasted wild pheasant DISH #5 Untitled Butterfly and Banana Bistecca Fiorentina

The fine dining place where you would take someone special?
Our mother's house, to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine from Apulia region.

The dish to die for?
Sandro: Ice cream sundae.
Roberto: Homemade Orechiette with Ratini and Anchovies
Antonello: Julia Child's Ratatouille.

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