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Florent Tanet: "A Colorful Winter"
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Florent Tanet: "A Colorful Winter"

Interview with French food photographer Florent Tanet on his passion for still-life photos of fruits and vegetables

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Florent Tanet is a young photographer and fashion designer from Paris. He graduated from the Higher School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris, where he developed his work in photography, graphic design and visual arts. After various experiments in several fashion houses, fashion design nd art direction, he started a personal photographic work that mixes his obsessions in still lifes, minimalism, colors and daily objects.

Early 2013, the Grande Epicerie of the Bon Marché in Paris offered him an exhibition "A colorful winter" with fruits and vegetables.

FDL first noticed his work and posted on the blog and now caught up with Florent for an interview...

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
Risotto for its simplicity, sweetness and variety of flavors.

What's the first taste you remember?
I remember a Pastel de Nata sprinkled with cinnamon, cripsy with warm cream ... A speciality in the portugese restaurant where my parents took me regularly.

The most incredible taste experience you had in your life?
The oyster plant. It is a leaf of a plant that is eaten raw has the taste of an oyster. If we are not careful, it tastes like eating an oyster, so amazing and surprising. There is only one producer of this plant in France, in the Arcachon basin, which makes the taste even sweeter.

Something you always have in your fridge?
Mozzarella di buffala.

The perfect taste?
The sweet and peppered taste of pink berries (red pepper).

Your first camera? The subject of your first photo?
A reflex silver 70s that belonged to my mother. I took pictures of the Loire bordering the Loire castles. It is the last wild river in Europe that flows through my hometown.

Is there a metaphor in your food pictures?
My photos show that even if this is not acceptable, the kitchen is a playground for the cooker or the eater. I play with food, before making a salad or dish. These photos are the result of a game time gourmet. In the end, we do not see apples, pears or carrots but sculptures, drawings or patterns, it is this poetic aspect of the game that interests me.

How do you know a food photo is valid and well executed?
A photo works when my sculptures are important visually. This is the topic or the still life that matters, framing, background or light passes in the background. Most of the time, this is when I developed my sculptures on cutting board that I can see if the picture will work or not. Light colored background and give a greater dimension to the photo. .

Is there a difficult photo you will want to take?
I would take pictures of still lifes with frozen food but the heat of spotlights makes shooting difficult. Cool colors and translucent frozen pictures could be very poetic.

The dish to die for?
The Pommes de terre Sarladaises. These are candied potatoes in goose fat with parsley. This is a typical dish and iconic South West France where some of my family is from. Each family has its technical and accompanied by some ceps, it is sublime.

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