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Luxury Bites: Welcome to a Precious Banquet

Luxury Bites: Welcome to a Precious Banquet

Caviar, Wagyu Beef, truffles and oysters: A look at some of the world's most expensive and luxurious fine dining foods

By FDL on

For some odd reason, the most delicious foods in the world are also the most expensive and, maybe for this very reason, are also considered aphrodisiacs. And the luxurious banquet that we shared with you in 2011 begins with the rich, earthy truffle.

We went to Alba, the small city in the Langhe region of Northern Italy, which hosts the annual International Truffle Auction, which, like all luxury goods, are sold to the highest bidder – who, last year, shelled over 98 thousand euro. While it’s a dizzying number for anything edible, it’s important to remember that behind every “diamond” that gets pulled out from the dirt, there’s the strong bond between a man and his dog, which is why we shared the story of the professional truffle seeker Bastian and his dog Moro.

When talking about luxury foods, we couldn’t forget oysters. FDL takes you from the sustainable methods of oyster harvesting from Bretagne, to theOyster International Festival in Galway. If you’re curious about the best ways to open, eat and appreciate them, or if you’d like to transform an ordinary steak and kidney pudding recipe into a great one, click here.

As for caviar, well, it’s a bit of a tricky delicacy, one that requires a certain competence in comparing the different varieties and knowing which to buy even without having tasted (or bought) it. This is why we explain how to distinguish authentic caviar from its imitators by using your sense of smell and sight. Whether you’d like to buy some as a gift or serve some to special guests, read here to learn how to present it.

Lastly, our passion for exclusive foods takes us to a simple little pinewood restaurant at the edge of the Takara Ranch, a wagyu beef farm in Shiga Prefecture, in Western Japan: you’ll meet the farmer and founder, Yoshihiro Tawara, and his chief beef inspector. What you’ll find here is simply the best, most tender meat in the world: these cows are fed a special diet, treated to massages and undergo no stress – and this is what makes their beef so incredibly succulent. According to Mr Tawara, only a happy cow can be so flavourful and tasty.

If for the moment, your budget, schedule or diet doesn’t allow for these indulgent foods, what you can do is take a virtual tasting tour with us. Bon appetit! 

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