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Chef Christian Puglisi: "Fine Dining is Changing" | Video

An exclusive video interview with the Italian-born chef Christian Puglisi - one of the rising stars of high end cuisine in Denmark

By FDL on

If it costs too much don't do it...
Christian Puglisi

Around the world there are a number of young chefs busy at work revolutionizing the industry. From Rene Redzepi and his hyper local style of cooking, The Young Turks and their solid British inspired dishes and Inaki Aizpitarte and his innovative approach at Le Chateaubriand in Paris. 

Another of these young chefs is the Italian born Christian Puglisi. Chef and owner of the restaurant Relæ in Copenhagen. After studying at elBulli under Ferran Adria and then working at the world famous Noma in Copenhagen, Puglisi, has a solid foundation in the world of high end food yet his first venture, which opened last year, is very different to the many of places he has trained.

Only four items per dish, simple and tasty the chef certainly takes his own approach to fine dining. An informal and friendly atmosphere that even sees guests asked to grab their own knife and fork at the restaurant. It's young fine dining from a chef who is just 28-years-old.

He is the new age of high end chef - informal, relaxed and fun - simple, refined and without fuss - Puglisi is leading his own way in the fine dining world and pushing forward this uncomplicated approach to food.

In this exclusive video interview with FDL Puglisi talks about his style of food and why it has developed the way it has, how he thinks the fine dining scene around the world is evolving and the chef even takes FDL's Bare Fridge Challenge - Enjoy.

Many thanks to Per-Anders Jorgensen for providing all the pictures - see a selection of his pictures taken at Relæ

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