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Eat me. An Art and Design Installation Centered around Food

Eat me. An Art and Design Installation Centered around Food

A selection of pictures from 'Eat Me,' an exhibition of contemporary artists and designers exploring our complex relationship with food.

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Food is never just food. This is particularly true at Trapholt, Museum of Modern Art and Design in Kolding, Denmark at the moment.

On now, until May 2018, the museum is hosting an exhibition on how food and the act of eating is central to contemporary life.

EAT ME showcases the work of more than 60 artists and designers who work with food, illustrating how it has become the “supreme metaphor of our time”. Both artists and designers explore the full spectrum of the diverse perspectives we can have of food.

Food is Everywhere

EAT ME's installations and artistic works look closely at the basic elements of food and eating habits, in order to challenge our fixed ideas about eating and food as well as creating the food of the future.

Society, culture, identity, nature, boundaries, senses and future are the seven themes of the EAT ME exhibition, which present the different ways of perceiving food.

Here is a selection of pictures from the EAT ME exhibition, enjoy!

Waste Time

The Waste Time installation by the Danish painter Anja Franke reflects our “throw-away culture”. The white cups and plates painted in blue that compose the piece are a statement about wasting time.


The British artist Anya Gallaccio has created a chocolate sensory space, where the aroma surrounds the visitors and awakens their desire for eating chocolate. Sensuality, intimacy and passion are the three central sensations associated with this installation.


This artistic work by the Danish designer Jette Löwén investigates the idea of the role of everyday objects, and human behaviour. Everything in Cohension is covered by sprinkles, pushing visitors to wonder what lies beneath the surface.

The Dining Project

How is the setting for a meal created? Lee Mingwei tries to answer this question by letting strangers eat together at the same table.

Sensory Stimuli

The Korean designer Jinhyun Jeon develops new forms and textures out of cutlery in order to stimulate several senses simultaneously.

LEPSIS: The art of growing grasshoppers

Are insects the food of the future? The African designer Mansour Ourasanah, in collaboration with KitchenAid, has developed the prototype for the grasshopper farm LEPSIS, where protein-rich grasshoppers are hatched.

Eat me

A house made of candies hung to the ceiling that can be eaten by visitors, letting the house disappear while a pile of candy paper grows alongside. This installation by the Japanese artist group Three is a commentary on our “increasingly inorganic” society.

Smagen af keramik

The Danish artist Trine Lyngsholm reflects on the tactile nature of ceramics in interaction with the body, transforming everyday utensils into an aesthetic sensory experience.


The Hungarian artist Arpad Dobriban proposes a sensorial experience to visitors, who are invited to smell, touch and taste pieces of fat hung up on hooks. This installation investigates the capacity of people to try unknown flavours, in an era of industrialization of food production and cooking.

For further information about EAT ME, visit the exhibition website

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