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Ludwig Van Beethoven: Food in Beethoven Biography

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Food in Beethoven Biography

Ludwig Van Beethoven composed the most memorable symphonies in the history of music against all odds, his dining style was straight to the heart.

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Ludwig Van Beethoven started composing music at the tender age of twelve. He is one of the most prominent German composers of all times. His work had a great influence on Western music throughout the 19th century.

His personality was quite difficult to understand: “You give me the impression of being a man with many heads, hearts, souls” told him Haydn.

He was rugged and temperamental, his interior life was very chaotic. His life was frequently disrupted by financial problems and his deafness, which started when he was fifteen until it became permanent. Thanks to his will-power, he was able to celebrate heroic acts, joy, and friendship among people through his music.

When he was blocked and unable to solve a symphony, he would put on his redingote and go for a walk to clear his head. At times he was so involved, he would forget to wear it. If he needed a break he would go to an eatery.

“ Only the pure in heart can make a good soup”

He loved macaroni with butter and cheese and a soup with twelve drowned eggs. He chose fish over meat, his favourite was pollock with potatoes. He liked flat water and light Austrian wine.

After a meal, he would go back to his piano and play until the wee hours. He would rarely have supper, perhaps a soup or leftovers.

This story is taken from the book Tacuinum dè Eccellentissimi, ali&no publisher.

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