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Practice the Art of Fine Food: Chef Davide Oldani's Italian Pasta

Watch Chef Davide Oldani practice the art of fine food and guide us through the recipe for Italy's most genuine dish: pasta with tomato sauce

By FDL on

A simple dish like pasta and traditional tomato sauce gets new life thanks to the recipe of Davide Oldani, Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant D'O, which for the campaign S.Pellegrino Live In Italian - Practice the Art of Fine Food Every Time You Can  offers a reinterpretation of the Italian dish.

"For me, cooking must be within everyone's reach, it must be pop or folk." explains Oldani, the reasoning that lies behind his recipe, something he tries to apply every day in his restaurant. The chef also adds: "I ​​think great cuisine stands in the details." It is thanks to details and little tricks shown in the video that any traditional recipe can be gourmet. 

The preparation of pasta with tomato sauce starts with a careful selection of raw ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pasta, basil, mint and extra virgin olive oil. With all these ingredients, and following the directions of Davide Oldani, you can create a different version of one of the most popular dishes in Italy and abroad.

Watch the video, the recipe - supplied by Davide Oldani - can be found here.

  • MatteoFDL said on

    Hello, the water should be enough to cover all the pasta. The chef suggests one San Marzano tomato for the sauce and four caramelized Pachino tomatoes for decoration. The dish is very simple and you won't need any other ingredient apart from the ones listed in the video.

    Fine Dining Lovers

  • Pwest9 said on

    How much water and how many tomatoes to make the sauce? Any other ingredients in this recipe?

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