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The "FDL Bare Fridge Challenge" with Daniel Humm | Video

Eggs, black pepper, rice and a cabbage: what will the Chef Daniel Humm prepare for us? Find out in this exclusive video.

By FDL on

With what is possibly the most infectious laugh in the industry, chef Daniel Humm, from the Eleven Madison Park (EMP) restaurant in New York, is one of most approachable guys in food. His recent changes at EMP have seen a more New York based approach to cooking with Humm speaking to FDL about how he thinks it's important that restaurants in America, especially those in New York, begin to find their own sense of culinary identity and reflect this in their menus.

He is a keen snowboarder and openly admits to being highly competitive and this is why we decided to sit him down and ask him one of the most challenging questions ever posed to a chef. If he came home hungry after a long day at work and opened the fridge to find some eggs, a cabbage, some black pepper and some rice.... what would he cook?

This is chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park in New York taking the FDL Bare Fridge Challenge.

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