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Chelsea Bloxsome's Food Photography
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Chelsea Bloxsome's Food Photography

Her love of food is depicted throughout her work. What else would you expect from someone who'd like to swim in a pool of ribboned mango and passion fruit?

By FDL on

Chelsea grew up in a small country town in Western Australia, then came to England when she was old enough to realise there was a whole world out there to explore. She spent several years assisting some wonderfully talented photographers from various fields before settling on a life as a food photographer herself. She spends her time wandering through farmers markets for inspiration and trying not to eat her subjects. The book A Delicious Life Food | New Food Entrepreneurs with her photos was published last April.

FDL caught up with her for an interview.

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
I asked a few people what dish they thought I'd be and the responses were hilarious - it was definitely an insight into the way people view you! Instead I will say that if I could choose a dish to swim in, it would have to be ribboned mango with passion fruit (this sounds amazing - please someone make this into a reality!) and I think this describes me perfectly as a person.

Something you always have in your fridge?
Tomatoes. I can't live without them. I knew an Italian family in London who would always have a tomato sauce bubbling away on their stove each day, the aroma of which was totally intoxicating and better than any perfume. Arrh tomatoes, I could talk about tomatoes forever....

The perfect taste?
It has to be exceptional extra virgin olive oil, why overcomplicate things? Just start with a good quality base and rest should follow.

Which is your favourite food subject?
I recently went to my friends chateau in France to photograph their family foodie weekend. It involved everyone making a different dish from various cuisines over three days, and a lot of very good wine. We were spoiled with slow cooked white bean cassoulet, succulent moroccan lamb tagine and caramel coconut flan to name a few. My camera hardly left my hand except for when I was lifting a fork. In addition to the bounty of food I was fortunate to be surrounded by enriching company and for me this was the perfect food subject because eating and rejoicing with the ones we love is the essence to life.

The most appetising photo you've taken?
Ooooo... it has to be the classic soft boiled egg with dipped solider. It instantly reminds me of dewy mornings in Bridgetown, Western Australia where I grew up and noisy times sat around the breakfast table with my brothers. My food stylist Kelly Bowers got the drip so perfect that every time I see the shot I just want to run my finger up the egg to catch it.

The dish to die for?
My mum's curried pumpkin soup. She doesn't always think she's the best cook, but I dream of being in her kitchen sharing a bowl of soup so she must be doing something right.


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