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Numbers Behind Chefs and Restaurants

Numbers Behind Chefs and Restaurants

How many restaurants there are in the world? How many chefs are currently working in the USA? A closer look at the restaurant industry in facts and figures.

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We hear much talk about fine dining restaurants and famous chefs, but this profession continues to be one of the most mysterious in the world: here are some interesting facts and figures to help us get a clearer picture of it.

Chef and Restaurant Facts and Figures

5 main trends are expected to dominate the offering of restaurants for the two year period of 2016-2017. The first of these regards the use of unusual fish and meat cuts. This is followed by canned wine. A special mention, however, goes to vegetables served in original ways, even in non vegan dishes. Fourth, the use of fermented and probiotic foods. Finally, the growing popularity of products that are not genetically modified.

20.01 was the average hourly wage of a USA chef in 2014, but it can be as high as 35.44 dollars. The average annual salary, on the other hand, stands at 45880 dollars.

29% is the percentage of restaurants which regularly use tablets, a device that tops the list of the most widely used new technologies in the catering industry. This figure comprises the tablets used for menus and those for taking orders or showing the wine list. At second place, with 26%, we find apps designed for relations with customers, while 22% is the number of restaurants using apps for managerial purposes. The fourth place, with 21%, goes to devices for wireless payments.

57% of chefs believe that taking photos of the dishes we eat at the restaurant is free publicity and should therefore be encouraged. 32%, more conservative in their views, think it is a nice gesture but only if done discretely. On the other hand, 9% believe it is a very bad habit and should be strongly discouraged.

80% of the USA chefs interviewed for a recent survey state that this year’s trend in their kitchens is to select only locally sourced meat and fish. The second most popular trend, with 78%, is that of creating alternative fast recipes. This was followed by the choice of local produce with 77%. There is also a keen interest in healthy menus for kids (73%) and home-made ice-creams (71%)

109,000 was the number of chefs in the United States in 2009. The trend in Uncle Sam’s nation is similar to that of the rest of the world: characterized by slow yet constant growth. This number is expected to rise to 138,000 in 2025. In 2015, it already increased to 121,000. At the same time, chefs are also expected to be more qualified and to have an experience of 8 to 15 years full time work behind them. Specialist studies are frequently requested, starting from short courses lasting a few months to a couple of years’ training.

121,000 was the number of chefs at work in the United States in 2015. This number has been constantly growing since 2010, when it stood at 109,000, before rising to 110,000 in 2011. By the year 2025, it is expected to increase to 138,000. At present, there are approximately 2.4 million waiters, half a million bartenders and an equal number of dishwashers at work. 16% of restaurant employees are aged between 16 and 19, while 50% of them work part-time.

16 million: is the approximate number of restaurants worldwide, with one million alone located in the United States. This number, which is only indicative, also comprises pubs and coffee bars.

32 billion dollars represents the sales turnover generated by pizzerias, many of which now employ proper qualified chefs specialized in offering exclusive and particularly unusual pizzas. Certainly, a great number of them must be topped with peppers, since 11.4 billion kilos of this particular ingredient end up on pizzas every year.

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