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Chef Narisawa Menu and Recipes: Soil soup Recipe

Chef Narisawa Menu and Recipes: Soil soup Recipe

An exclusive recipe from Japanese chef Yoshiro Narisawa, of "Le créations de Narisawa" restaurant

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Fine Dining Lovers met Japanese chef Yoshiro Narisawa, of Le Créations de Narisawa restaurants: click here to see the the video, and enjoy the exclusive recipe he shared with us!

RECIPE - Serves 4


Richard's soil (from November to February)
Richard's burdock 1kg
Spring water from Shinshu (soft water) 3 lt
Soybean lecithin 7g
Canola oil 30 ml


Take the unwashed Burdock and roughly cut on the chopboard.
In the deep pan, add canola oil, burdock, soil and stir-fry together - this will help to release their strong aroma and create one flavour from the ingredients combined.
Add fresh spring water to the oil, burdock and soil and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to a very low temperature and and cook the mixtiure for 90 minutes. This helps release more flavours and for ths dish to come together as one.
Using a Thermomix blend the mixture for around  5 seconds.
Take a large chinois and press the mixture with ladle until all the moisture is gone.
Use paper filter and strain again. Then back on to a low heat untill there is around 800ml of mixture left in the pan.
Add lecithin (found online or in most good health stores), whip the mixture for a final time with Bamix and serve in wine glasses for the best presentation.

Photo courtesy "Les creations de Narisawa" restaurant  

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