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A Day With Chef Davide Scabin | Video

FDL met chef Davide Scabin between the scenographic Castle of Rivoli, that hosts his restaurant Combal.Zero, one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants

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A native of Turin, as a young man, Davide Scabin used to drive to a panoramic location in the evenings where he’d drink a coffee and look out at the city from the Rivoli castle. And since 2003, he’s been occupying that same magical place with his innovative, two Michelin-starred restaurant, one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants.

It’s a restaurant that he describes as a kind of stage upon which «a different play is put on every night». Scabin compares the dynamics of his kitchen to «a pack of wolves», in which the newest member of the pack in put in the middle so the others can keep an eye on him.
Renowned for his signature dishes that defy conventional categories – a “gem” salad made from six different kinds of tortelli, or a “cold fusion” dessert made up of twenty-six different elements using S.Pellegrino water as an ingredient – Scabin’s aim is to challenge, surprise and delight his customers.

But his restaurant isn’t the only place where Scabin expresses his creativity: a lover of golf, the “most democratic of sports”, Scabin has also organized the Combal Cup, where players are required to eat and drink at every hole.

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