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Ashley Palmer-Watts and His Historical Creations

Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts talks about what it's like to work at Diner - a place that serves up historically inspired dishes with a modern twist.

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Ashley Palmer-Watts has been the right hand man for Heston Blumenthal for a long time - he started working with him as a young student and the pair have since formed a formidable relationship.

The young chef currently heads up the Diner restaurant inside London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel where the kitchen work to unearth old recipes discovered through some truly amazing research.

We caught up with Palmer-Watts to discuss his work with Blumenthal and find out what it takes to research new, historically inspired, recipes.

The chef also talks about how the interest in food in England had shifted in recent years and offers up some of his advice to young chefs.

He also shares his love for roast chicken and tells us a few of the ingredients he doesn’t like - one of which will surely surprise.

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