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Celebrities Dished Up: a Roundup of Foodie Vips

Celebrities Dished Up: a Roundup of Foodie Vips

What foods do celebrities eat ? The diets of Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, and the menu from Elton John's Charity Ball are examined in celebrities on a plate

By FDL on

Even an A-list celebrity famous for being in perfect shape like Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t immune to making New Year’s Resolutions in January. From her own website, Goop, Paltrow suggests a cleansing, purifying regime created by the Diet Guru to the Stars, Alejandro Junger, which has been stirring up controversy. What does her advised menu entail for those who want to “cleanse” like a star? Twenty-one days of protein shakes and pills at breakfast and dinner, with lunches including a mix of vegetables, brown rice and chickpeas.

And yet, in an interview given just a few months ago, she told us something a bit different: «I'll eat anything, from pasta to hamburgers. But what I love most is fried foods. Fry a cockroach and I'll eat it,» confessed the Oscar winner actress. After all, it seems that many fans are more interested in hearing an actress talk about her diet more than about her upcoming movies. And Gwyneth certainly has a long and varied culinary history to share: she’s been vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic – and now? Now she’s a food writer. We interviewed the actress on the occasion of the release of her cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, in which she talked about her relationship with food and its strong symbolic value that it takes on within her family.

While next May may still be a long way off, for fans of the series Desperate Housewives, the sad countdown has already begun to the last episode. In these eight seasons, the food featured in the kitchens of Wisteria Lane has played such a fundamental role that it could almost be considered a character in and of itself. And the series star Eva Longoria has pretty firm ideas on the subject of food: «It’s not a party unless I’m cooking,» she explained to us in the interview you can read here. Author of a cookbookand owner of the Los Angeles restaurant, Beso, Longoria is already nostalgic for her character, Gabrielle “Gaby” Solis, but does have one regret: «In all those years I've never been able to teach her how to properly cook…»

For his annual charity ball Elton John brought elBulli to London: the evening, hosted by Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish (in the picture) was the first time elBulli’s cuisine was served since the restaurant closed its doors in July, and the first time in history that elBulli food was plated in the UK. We were behind the scenes of this exclusive night: click here for all the details of the dinner served by chef Paco Roncero and a photogallery of the event.

Let’s conclude this celebrity roundup with the media event of 2011 – the Royal wedding. The ex-“girl next door” (in a very nice neighbouhood, of course) finally became the new Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor. And Kate Middleton has just celebrated her 30th birthday. But no ‘80s-style party for the Duchess of Cambridge (as some had surmised), but she opted instead for an intimate dinner at Kensington Palace. Perhaps the ultra-thin Kate is not the first person who would come to mind when thinking about a real gourmet, but it’s clear the young woman has refined tastes and very clear ideas. After all, when the entire world was watching her every step, pre-wedding, she chose a simple, fruit-based wedding cake decorated with glace and royal symbols. Her fiancé Prince William, however, ordered a personalized cake from his family’s tradition: you’ll find all the details here, recounted by the pastry chef Fiona Cairns who made the wedding cake

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