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The Dish on Celebrities: Who is Doing What with Food

The Dish on Celebrities: Who is Doing What with Food

Find out what celebrities and food have in common, Lady Gaga, Beckham, Gywneth Paltrow, Shaquille O'Neal, all have a common denominator: food

By FDL on

It’s the morning of the first day of the year, you are away on holidays and you forgot to stack up a few issues of People magazine. In this case scenario, we give you the solution: here what’s cooking for the VIP.

Here are news worthy of being remembered and of course dished out. Of course we are talking food, what else. Celebrities and food are very much linked, so much so that you wonder if they spend their days sitting in restaurants waiting for a paparazzi to show up.

But those were the bygone days. Nowadays, celebs are interested in gourmet food and restaurant, of course from a business point of view. If at the beginning of the eighties any top model who walked anywhere similar to a catwalk opened a restaurant, today, celebrities have gone gourmet.

Some examples that prove this fact:
NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal is diving into the world of spirits. Expect him to launch his own line of vodkas: the Luv Shag. It’s war against Sean Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka.

Maybe Beckham could use it in his menu? That’s right folks. If you have missed this news, it’s time to catch up: Gordon Ramsey and the Soccer star are about to make joint business.

We suggest he reads Gywneth Paltrow’s bestselling cookbook “My Father’s Daughter”. Which she insists it’s written by her and not by a ghostwriter as suggested by a newspaper.

And for the opening party? Beckham could ask Lady Gaga to come out of her cake, yet one more time clad in lingerie. The theme? Of coure “Cake Like Gaga”. Take a look at the full stories:







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