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BrunchCity, a Yummy World in Pictures | Gallery
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BrunchCity, a Yummy World in Pictures | Gallery

A chat with photographer Andrea G.Portolés and illustrator Bea Crespo, that launched BrunchCity project: small cities made over food typical from these places.

By FDL on

FineDiningLovers caught up with photographer Andrea G.Portolés and illustrator Bea Crespo, authors of the BrunchCity project: small cities made over food typical from these places: the duo created this series which takes different foods to help create the foundation for a number of different landscapes from around the world.

Read their interview and enjoy the gallery at the top of the page!


Could you please tell us more about your 'Brunch City' project?
Brunchcity is the mix among the things we love the most: travels, food, photography and illustration. We make small cities over food typical from these places. It's like a small yummy world.

Where did you get the inspiration for it?
From travels, food and daily experiences. Inspiration can be anywhere, you just have to work for it to come.

How did the collaboration between you two start?
We met at University studying Fine Arts and became friends. We loved each the work and always wanted to do something together. After a lot of tries, conversations and coffees, Brunchcity was born!

What food/dish represents your city?
Bea lives in Barcelona, city that we have already done and is full of bread and tomato. We both are from near Madrid, and churros are the most typical thing from there. Andrea lives in Stokholm, a Brunchcity to come: maybe it will taste as cinnamon buns or a dish of meatballs, for example.

What food/dish represents you the best?
Thats difficult to say, because we really love food and all kind of it. But for me (Bea) I choose Mediterranean food, I love the variety, colors and healthy tastes of this kind of food. In my case (Andrea) I would say food from Japan, as is also full of colours but so well organised on the plate, easy but complicated at the same time.

What's the first taste you remember?
Bea: I think it's the taste of a delicious syrup my grandma used to make me when I was sick. It had brown sugar, milk and oregano, and was really hot, but I felt as if it was saving my life.
Andrea: I perfectly remember the taste of a kindergarden soup, since I remember I was the only one who used to like food from schools or similars. This vegetable soup ́s taste brings me back to my childhood.

What food would you happily die eating?
Bea: Without hesitate, cheese. I love all kind of cheese, all its uses and flavors, I would never get tired of it!
Andrea: Chocolate! Chocolate! It's the best thing ever. I ́m quite sweet tooth.

What's the ultmate taste?
Bea: It's not the ultimate, but just now I am using a lot of ginger in different and foods, it's a whole world just with this spice!
Andrea: Since I'm vegetarian I ́ve been discovering so many new flavours that I haven't know before, and I would say that Carob is quite a surprise.

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