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Bread From A to Z: 26 Things You Didn't Know About Bread

Bread From A to Z: 26 Things You Didn't Know About Bread

From Jesus to Chopin, Azim to Kamut, 26 interesting and curious things you'd like to know about one of the world's most common foods

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Based on an ancient recipe, this unleavened bread is made from flour and water only, and maintains its freshness for a long time.  It is traditionally eaten by Jews during the Easter period.

All French people buy their baguette without a paper bag, and carry it home tucked under their arm.

The so-called “Chopin alveograph” plays no tune, but is an instrument used for measuring the rising power of dough.  

Disease (celiac disease)
Those suffering from celiac disease may enjoy special types of bread made without gluten, which is contained in the flour.  

Eva Mendes
Last year, Eva revealed the secret of her special diet: she eats plenty of bread.  

This delicious Italian bread is rolled out like a pizza and oven-baked with a generous amount of oil and salt.  

Grain mill
To obtain the flour for bread-making, grain has to be ground, preferably using the traditional method, under the grindstone of old mills.

Halwa bread is an Indian sweet made from almonds, cashews, cardamom, milk, sugar, butter and slices of dry bread.

The term “bread improver” refers to a number of natural or chemical additives used to speed up the bread-making process.  These include ascorbic acid and the enzymes, amylase and protease.

Of all the miracles of Jesus Christ, the multiplication of the loaves and fish is particularly well-known.  With five loaves and two fish, he managed to feed five thousand people.

Grown in the United States, this special grain makes excellent bread. Its name means “soul of the earth”.   

Laufabrauð (Leaf bread)
These special loaves are made every winter in Iceland: circular in shape and decorated with leaf-like geometric patterns, they are eaten at Christmas time.

Mother dough
Mother dough, or natural yeast (Sourdough), is an acidic base for bread-making.  It was discovered by chance in ancient times, thanks to some bread that was left standing close to the oven for days.

This Indian bread is baked in a tandoori clay oven and may be eaten plain or seasoned with butter, herbs and garlic.  

The best way to bake bread is in an old-fashioned wood fire built in stone.  Modern bakers use electric ovens and, for domestic use, bread machines are becoming increasingly popular.

Pizza is also a type of bread but, with the addition of tomato, mozzarella cheese and other ingredients, it becomes a square meal in itself.  

This plant was considered sacred by the peoples of the Andes.  Quinoa flour makes an excellent bread that is highly nutritious and gluten-free.

Even the cinema is mad about bread: the old masterpiece “The bakery girl of Monceau” directed by Eric Rohmer is an ode to seduction, in the bakery of course.

Soda bread
In this case, baking soda is used instead of yeast.  Soda bread is the most common type of bread in Ireland; it comes in the shape of a shamrock, the national symbol.

Any type of bread can be toasted: but the best way to enjoy this snack is to fill it with salted meat or cheese before toasting.

One of the most famous bread museums stands in the German city of Ulm.  And Ulmer Brot is a popular sweetened bread throughout Eastern Europe.

Vienna bread
Coming from the city to which it owes its name, this bread is soft and slightly sweet.

Durum or soft wheat, manitoba, semolina, wholemeal, emmer, kamut, maize, rice: any ground cereal produces flour that is suitable for bread-making.

The XL loaf that made it into the Guinness book of records is Sicilian: more than 1 km long, it was made by 18 bakers using 1,300 kg of flour.

Yeast is what makes bread rise and become soft under its crust.  

Z (A to Z bread recipe)
A to Z bread is a well-known American recipe.  You can choose from an entire alphabet of ingredients to add to its dough, from A for apples to Z for zucchini.

Still craving for bread or want to make your own? Here you find out how to make traditional Italian bread, or how to make Apulian bread.

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