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10 Cooking and Food Apps You Can't Miss

10 Cooking and Food Apps You Can't Miss

Whether you prefer a starred restaurant or dining at home, there are many cooking apps to assist you in the organization of a gourmet evening: here is a top 10.

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Imagine yourself in a magnificent restaurant looking out onto the Gulf of Naples, about to enjoy some superbly fresh shellfish simply dressed with extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel and a few drops of lemon juice, Sorrento lemons of course. A truly gourmet evening that shuns improvisation: further confirmed by the glass of chilled Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi of 2006, which accompanies this sumptuous dinner.

The scene changes but the quality of your dining experience is equally sublime: you are at home where a beautifully laid table is crowned by servings of maccheroni with rabbit meat sauce and a fine bottle of Sangiovese Riserva DOC. Here too, the success of the evening depends on refined and appropriate choices.

Whether you prefer a starred restaurant or the intimacy of dining at home, the market offers some excellent cooking apps for Smartphone and tablet to assist you in the organization of a truly gourmet evening. They may not be able to turn us into accomplished chefs but they do help us to get the maximum pleasure out of fine dining, whether we decide to enjoy ready-made specialities or to make our own at home. Here is a list of the 10 best cooking apps for authentic gourmets.

HELLO VINO (iOS, Android)
Well studied graphic design and simple to use, this is the perfect app for choosing the right wine on all occasions. It also advises you where to buy it in your neighbourhood. A proper personal wine assistant.

For filing and managing your recipes once you have downloaded them from your favourite websites. Immediate and streamlined, it synchronizes all of your recipe files if you have more than one device.

COOK (iOS, Android)
Do you remember your granny’s recipe books? This app has been developed around the same concept with the extra plus of a social network dedicated to all types of cooking methods and tips.

BIG OVEN (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
Spectacular photos and appealing menus characterize one of the best recipe apps for your Smartphone and tablet. It offers over 350,000 recipes from the easiest to the most involved.

TOMATOES (iOS, Android)
For creating and updating your shopping lists. It not only enables you to handle your grocery supplies easily but it also helps you to organize them in terms of cost, so that you can spend less and focus on food quality.

A chic aperitif? A refined after dinner invitation? Even choosing and preparing the right cocktail calls for experience or, alternatively, the best app.

Is your fridge so empty that you do not know what to cook with the few ingredients you have? Try out this app, which is able to come up with refined recipes using whatever you happen to have in the house.

An authentic “Swiss army knife” for chefs and gourmets. Eight applications in one, it converts all units of measurement and has an accurate timer, a glossary and a list of cooking utensils, just to name but a few of its useful features.

The best recipes from food bloggers all over the world with splendid photos and clear, exhaustive step by step instructions. Not to mention restaurant reviews, handy tips, and the secrets of less familiar ingredients.

The mythical hotel and restaurant association for the finest palates boasts its own functional and well-designed app, enabling you to view and book prestigious offers throughout the world in just a few seconds.

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