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Meet Mixologist and Cocktail Barman, Rich Boccato | Video

Meet the famous bartender and mixologist Rich Boccato, owner of the cocktail saloons Dutch Kills and Painkiller in New York

By FDL on

Italian-born and New York-raised mixologist Rich Boccato got his current career on the street. Or rather, the sidewalk. 

As he tells FDL in this exclusive interview conducted in Milan, during the Le Grand Fooding event, he got his big break while working as a doorman at New York’s Little Branch bar in 2005. He impressed his employer so much, that he was given a chance as a host, and then, a server. 

«We’re servers, not servants», is his motto. And now that he’s an entrepreneur, he still clearly takes great pleasure in “serving”. But what makes a great barman? Someone who knows when a client wants to drink... or listen.

Listen to the wise words of Boccato as he walks and talks for our fine dining (and drinking) lovers. 

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