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Bad Taste: Monochrome Dinners in Brooklyn
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Bad Taste: Monochrome Dinners in Brooklyn

A selection of pictures from Bad Taste, a series of immersive single-color dinners organized in Brooklyn by the artist Jen Monroe.

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How does the color of the food actually affect our perception of its flavor, and the act of eating in general? How do we feel when eating a monochrome meal, in a single-color environment?

Jen Monroe, a Brooklyn based artist, tries to answer these questions organizing a series of immersive, monochromatic ten courses dinners at The Schoolhouse, and exploring new ways of perceiving and consuming food through different colors.

The artist took the idea of monochrome dinners from J.K. Huysmans’ A Rebours, in which the protagonist organises a decadent dinner of totally black food. After reading the book, together with her sister, Jen Monroe decided to launch her single-color dinners.

Immersive Dinner Experiences

How far can food aestheticization go? Monroe’s single-color meals push her guests to think about our society’s obsession with how food looks and is presented on Social Media. People are more and more concerned with how food looks than how it tastes.

Jen Monroe, who has always been interested in working and writing about food, pushes the interest in the aesthetic of food to its limits, fully immersing participants into a colorful culinary atmosphere.

The starting point of every dinner is to imagine what emotions every chosen color can bring up. Every detail of her dinners respects the color in question, from the decorations of the table, to the beverages and the servers’ and guests’ outfits. Performance art and installations form an essential part of Monroe’s dinners, to create a real multi-sensorial experience for her guests (LOOK  THE GALLERY ABOVE).

What's next?

Ip until now, five different color dinners have been organized: black, white, yellow, pink and red.

What about her future color meals? To discover more and buy tickets for the next dinners, follow her on Instagram and her Bad Taste Blog page.

We have selected some amazing pictures of Monroe’s first five monochrome dinners: enjoy the gallery at the top of the page!


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