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Food and Art: Contemporary Ideas
Photo Hunter Freeman

Food and Art: Contemporary Ideas

The art of food: a collection of interviews with painters, photographers and designers who all make varying forms of art with food

By FDL on

If in 1500 Arcimboldo painted portraits of people composed of fruits, vegetables and fish (see here our gallery of his work), still today food awakens the creativity in many artists, who use it as a real “ingredient” in their work.

For example, the Taiwanese artist Hsieh Chun-te has transformed the ritual of eating into an artistic masterpiece. At the most recent edition of theBiennale of Art in Venice, the artist invited visitors to take a seat at the table, which was laid out in a meticulous banquet as a symbol of life and a source of nourishment. «Through Cooking Theater, I want to express that we should return to the origins of everything and begin a serious introspection,» he explained to Fine Dining Lovers in an interview that you can read here.

The Turkish artist and photographer Pinar Yolaçan has made raw meet into something provocative. Famous for having photographed women wearing animals guts, many critics have compared her to Diane Arbus. Yolaçan transforms food into a symbol of the passing of time: «I think I’m so interested in raw food because of its transient quality. Anything organic that doesn’t have a permanence shows passage of time and I’m fascinated by that» Hers are images that won’t leave anybody indifferent – click here for examples of her work, and to read the rest of the interview.

Scott Hove, who creates sculptures that would make any master pastry chef green with envy, creates gorgeous, faux cakes that – at first glance – look inviting. But just at first glace. His Cakeland project as a disturbing undertone. «It is not easy for anyone to have a neutral experience when looking at my work,» admits Hove in the interview that you’ll find here, along with a photo gallery.

If sweets aren’t your thing, or if you’re crazy about seafood, take a look at Corey Arnold, a professional fisherman and an amateur photographer – or maybe it’s the other way around. Born in California, Arnold has sailed – and photographed – the seas of half the world, depicting the lives of those who work on the water and their eternal battle against the elements. His passion and theirs can be felt in the images…

The picture you see at the top of the page is made by Hunter Freeman, a photographer based in San Francisco: his images of the lonely astronaut eating popocorn in front of the tv, or shopping at the supermarket are not-to-miss. Here you can find the complete gallery.

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