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Andreas Larsson: «I'm a Wine Lover, not a Critic»

FDL met Andreas Larsson, who was named World’s Best Sommelier in 2007 – but still insists on being known as a “wine lover, not a critic”. Watch the video!

By FDL on

Sweden may not be famous for its wines, yet it happens to be the country of origin of one of the world’s best sommeliers. While Andreas Larsson has won countless awards and prizes for his talents as a sommelier, it’s not only his keen palate that makes him such an outstanding figure in the wine– Larsson also has a unique gift for communicating about wines, explaining what makes each wine unique and sharing his passion for what he calls “a truly artisan” product.

From the heart of Bordeaux, which he is convinced continues to be the cutting-edge region for wine production for all tastes and budgets, he tells the FDL community how his passion began (hint: it all started with food) and how to really best understand a bottle of wine (hint: it involves food). His easy, informal manner belies a truly remarkable talent.

Don’t miss this rare chance to encounter one of the leading figures in the worldwide wine industry. Raise your glasses to Larsson, a votre santé! 

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