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Andoni Luis Aduriz: "Experiencing Emotion"

A video interview with chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from the award winning Mugaritz restaurant in Spain, discussing his best new dishes, his views on food and more.

By FDL on

Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from the Mugaritz restaurant in Spain is known for his unique approach to food. Combining art, music, culture and cooking he has created some of the most interesting culinary projects in the world.

From energetic team building with a theatre group, to the creation of his famous chocolate sins dessert with kitchen crew, pastry chef and designers. Aduriz is a chef who likes to mix the disciplines, something witnessed best in the two-year Mugaritz B.S.O project, a book and documentary that saw the chef team up the composer Felipe Ugarte to write a score of music to match the his food. Mugaritz, as the Aduriz says, is "all about experiencing emotion".

His restaurant is fourth on The World's 50 Best Restaurants List and the chef and his seasonally focused team are regularly spotted heading out to the hills to forage for wild ingredients, pick flowers or don their waterproofs to go fishing with the local crews.

His approach to cooking and food is radical with the Mugaritz crew creating hundreds of new plates every year. Dishes like Nostalgia - a plate that is changed depending on where the diner is from or the chef's famous edible rocks - lifelike rocks made using potato and kaolin. Always seasonal, always simple but always trying to get every ingredient to speak, even scream, volumes. What can be said with just a few ingredients and the often complicated processes they undergo in the kitchen? This is the question they pose themselves everyday at Mugaritz.

In this exclusive FDL interview, the chef sits down to discuss some of the latest creations on the Mugaritz menu, his unique way of working with other disciplines and his views towards food.


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