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S.Pellegrino Young Chef China Local Competition 2017 | 15 September, Shanghai

S.Pellegrino Young Chef China Local Competition 2017 | 15 September, Shanghai

The Local Competition for China in S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018, the global talent search to find the world’s best young chef will take place in Shanghai on 14 and 15 September 2017.  

Ten semi-finalists (see below), as selected by ALMA, will face off in the live local cooking competition where their signature dish will be assessed by a local chef jury according to the five principles outlined in the Golden Rules:  

· Beauty
· Message
· Skills
· Ingredients and
· Genius.  

Jacqueline Qiu, Riccardo La Perna, Xiaoyan Zhou, Stefan Stiller and Otto Wong are the chefs who will cast their expert opinion selecting the most talented young chef to represent the region on the world stage.  

The Semi-Finalists for China

· Bruce Liu Sous Chef, 'Hilton Chengdu' - Chengdu, China
· Chaiwan Poon Sous Chef, 'Aurora Restaurant, Disney Resort Shanghai' - Shanghai, China
· Eric Yu Chef, 'La Villa Restaurant, Hangzhou Zixuan Resort, Rel' - Hangzhou, China
· Fatela Yohan Chef, 'Heritage Restaurant' - Beijing, China
· Fernanda Guerrero Chef, 'Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen' - Shanghai, China
· Han Wei Chef, 'Shanghai Saone Restaurant Management Co., Ltd' - Shanghai, China
· Mario Sun Chef, 'Le Rivage' - Huai’an, China
· Min Lee Chef, 'Smoki Moto Korean Restaurant' - Shanghai, China
· Wen Wu Sous Chef, 'The Yihe Mansions, Relais & Chateaux' - Nanjing, China
· Yang Yu Chef, 'F Bistronome' - Yan’an, China  

To see the finalists and their signature dishes click here.

The winning young chef will have several months to perfect their signature dish, under mentor chef Jacqueline Qiu’s guidance, before placing it before the Seven Sages at the Grand Finale, in what could be the defining moment of their career.

Good luck to all the young chefs taking part. Check back with us to find out the regional winner!