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Meet the five chefs forming the local jury for East Europe

Meet the five chefs forming the local jury for East Europe

Forming the local jury for East Europe area (including Central and Eastern Europe countries) in this edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef are chefs:

  • Ana Roš (Slovenia)
  • András Wolf (Hungary)
  • Andre Tokiev (Bulgaria)
  • Florin Scripca (Romania) and
  • Wojciech Modest Amaro (Poland)

Representing five countries from across the region the team of chefs will head to Poland for the one day cooking competition on the 18th of October 2017 in Warsaw.

During this exciting live cook-off they will select just one of Alma’s 10 shortlisted young chefs in a rigorous assessment of their skills against the Golden Rules.

A juror chef will serve as mentor to the eventual young chef finalist determined by the jury. He will be taksed with helping him/her hone and refine their skills in preparation for the Grand Finale in May 2018, where they will travel together to fly the flag for East Europe.

Representing Slovenia:
Ana Roš

Named “The Best Female Chef in the World for 2017”, Ana Roš is the entirely self-taught chef from restaurant Hiša Franko and testament to the mantra “anything is possible.” Her talent, passion and desire to champion local ingredients were instrumental in the family run restaurant on the Italian Slovenian border being recognized at an international level on the fine dining circuit. Ros has also featured in the Netflix Chef’s Table series.

Representing Hungary:
András Wolf

Chef de Cuisine at New York Cafe and the Salon Restaurant in Budapest, since 2009, András Wolf also first fell in love with cooking as a child. He has long been a protagonist of Hungarian cuisine and pushing the culinary boundaries of his country.

The Salon has been Michelin recommended for seven years as well as featuring on the list of the Dining Guide Top10 Restaurants. He is also a member of the Bocuse d’Or Academy and founding member of the Pannon Gastronomy Academy.

Representing Bulgaria:
Andre Tokiev

Bulgarian and German chef Andre Tokev developed an early interest in cooking from his grandma’s home cooked traditional food. 
And while his professional life as a chef began at his parent’s restaurant in Germany, culinary influences from his upbringing in Algeria, Germany and Bulgaria inspired and highly influenced his cuisine and can be tasted in his restaurant ANDRé. Considered a change maker and creator of the gourmet culture in Bulgaria he is also pro-active in teaching younger generations of chefs, as he says “Pleasure leads to perfectionism in our work and we need to create attractive culinary world for the next generations”. 

Representing Romania:
Florin Scripca

Florin Scripca otherwise known as “Foa” forms part of the Flavours Food Design Team, coordinating a team of chefs and managing several restaurants in Romania.  Foa started working in the culinary field when he turned 18 and honed his skills over many years in several restaurants abroad including Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts, La Cantine du Faubourg, rhubarb or the Nut Tree Inn. He has also judged on the “MasterChef Romania ” TV Show.

Representing Poland:
Wojciech Modest Amaro

Returning S.Pellegrino Young Chef judge WojciechModest Amaro is agreat ambassador for Polish cuisine. He honed his skills over many years with famous chefs de cuisine such as Ferran Adria (Elbulli), Yanick Alleno (Le Meurice) and Rene Redzepi (Noma) before returning to home soil and creating Atelier Amaro. The Polish restaurant has been the first one in the country to be awarded and retain a prestigious Michelin star. Outside of the kitchen Amaro keeps himself busy writing books, like “The Polish cuisine of the 21 Century”, as well as appearing in the first Polish edition of TOP CHEF, and later – hosting Hell’s Kitchen in Poland.