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Mark Moriarty’s Top Tips: Golden Rule #5, Message
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In order to help you with your application for the SPYC 2016 competition, I'll give you some tips from my experience as S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 winner.

As you already know, the steps of the judging process are broken down into five key criteria, the so called Golden Rules: Ingredients, Skills, Genius, Beauty and Message.

Lastly, but no less important, here are my suggestions on how to make sure you score highly in the field of ‘Message’.

1. In the application form you’ll find a very important question to answer: “What would you like to express through this dish?”. The judges want to know what message lies beneath, the meaning behind the choices you made, from your ingredient selection to the final dish presentation.

2. Be clear - the language of the application is English - make sure that you communicate your message well, if English isn’t your strong point find someone who can help. Make sure your message is strong, clear, effective and lasting for all the right reasons.

3. You have to be individual and you need to express yourself as an individual on the final plate. Tell the story of yourself: what you’re all about, what’s your style? How does all this go into your dish?

4. You need to be able to send a message with your dish, so that you somehow present or tell a story of where you are from through your choice of dish: representing the region you come from can be a message that can deserve to be told.

5. The application will ask you also about your professional dreams for the future. Don’t be afraid to share them. This is your chance to show your passion for your career and your professional ambition. Whether it’s owning your own restaurant, obtaining renowed awards or being an ambassador for your cuisine's philosophy, let the judges feel your enthusiasm.

Final Tip: Don’t send your first draft, check your idea, try the dish, read it again - get someone else to check it. Get it done a few weeks before the deadline and make sure you check and check again.


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