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Alessandro Salvatore Rapisarda is the Winner for Italy in S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016

Alessandro Salvatore Rapisarda is the finalist for the Italian region in S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016; the young chef from Restaurant Café Opera (Recanati, Macerata, Italy) did enough with his signature dish of “Risotto Marinara” to convince the jury of six big Italian names on the local juryAndrea Berton, Cristina Bowerman, Alessandro Negrini, Davide Oldani, Fabio Pisani and Mauro Uliassi to stand out from the other semi-finalists.

On receiving the news a jubilant Rapisarda said: "I can't believe it", after sharing his joy with his young son on stage.

Rapisarda's chosen dish of Risotto "Marinara" came straight from the heart: "I have tried to respect the fish as much as possible, heating it briefly, and adding color with a green jelly made of arugula, watercress and parsley" he said. The jury were instantly enthusiastic about the dish from the Marche chef: Bowerman called it an extremely interesting signature dish, full of iodine, while Uliassi exclaimed it was "A beautiful dish, of three Michelin Star calibre."

Mentor Davide Oldani acknowledged the rising pressure in this year’s competition in an even more competitive event than last year: "There is so much flavor in the dishes, I'm happy. The level is very high and I saw that there is a great desire on the part of young people. We struggled to select a name, we wanted to put a few at least." His sentiments mirrored those of Cristina Bowerman who had earlier stated " I expect a lot more this year."

Before the winner announcement was made chef Alessandro Negrini gave an important message to other chefs: "A competition is a competition, it starts here and you go forward. Congratulations to you all from all of us."

Oldani echoed his sentiments;  "When I started there were no occasions so important." Davide Oldani will now accompany Alessandro Rapisarda up until the international final in October helping him to refine his signature dish in preparation for the ultimate judgement by the seven top international chefs.

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