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S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 for Germany-Austria is Matthias Walter

Following an intense six–hour live cooking competition in Frankfurt, the winner of the Germany-Austria local final of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 has been announced as Matthias Walter.

The 27–year–old Sous Chef of Restaurant Burgrestaurant Staufeneck in Salach (near Göppingen) presented his Duck Shanghai up against strong competition. 10 young chef semi-finalists with 10 very creative dishes cooked in a live showdown over two stages. The dishes were judged by the Germany-Austria Local Jury: Karlheinz Hauser, Nils Henkel, Karl Obauer and Tobias Wussler.

"In all 10 dishes we could see that the participants had high demands with both the taste and presentation of their Signature Dishes" said jury spokesman and top chef Karlheinz Hauser with excitement. Nils Henkel commented: " We have chosen the chef that will also be able to leave the best mark on the international stage at the final in Milan," confirming the jury's final decision.

The Winning Dish

Walter's simply named, yet complex dish focused on duck breast set inside a refined sesame crust along with soya cannelloni filled with artichoke puree, roasted artichoke and enoki mushrooms, a small ball of aubergine, soy and tapioca, as well as sweet and sour refined Jerusalem artichoke.

The Grand Final

The Young chef will represent the region at the Grand Final in October, where he will face off against 19 other regional finalists in Milan under the guidance of his mentor, two Michelin star chef, Karlheinz Hauser. His dish will be judged by the international jury of seven top chefs.

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