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The Reservation Book 2024 contains 12 original stories, selected from the Fine Dining Lovers archives, which explore and recount the values of S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Sanpellegrino Italian Beverages. These are virtuoso stories written to to be shared with those who receive the book – a collection of tales, from the best of the world of gastronomy and mixology.

But this year Fine Dining Lovers wants to do even more by spreading new stories, like yours and your colleagues', with those who enjoy the site every day around the world.

Meeting around a table with people from different backgrounds and experiences can give rise to a dish that communicates unexpectedly common values and philosophies.

This is the story that inspires us, and this is the story that we want to tell.

How to take part?

Participating is very simple: you just need a photo of your signature dish and a few minutes of your time.

Fill in the form below by 15 May 2024 with a few simple details about yourself, your cooking philosophy and a few details about your restaurant.

Before filling out the form, please have ready a high-resolution photo of your signature dish, the recipe that best represents your cooking philosophy or the style of your restaurant.

You should also tell us how this recipe came about and why it represents you.

The photo and the story of the recipe are necessary in order to complete the form and submit it.

Once you have completed the form in full and clicked SEND you will receive a confirmation email.

How does the selection take place?

The editorial staff of Fine Dining Lovers will collect the forms and select from all those received, the stories and photos of signature dishes that they consider most interesting, curious and suitable to be published and translated in all editions of the website (in English, French, Spanish and Italian).

How will you know if your recipe has been selected?

If your story and signature dish are among those chosen to be published in Fine Dining Lovers, the editorial team will contact you by email or by phone according to the contact details you have indicated in the form.

When will the stories be published on Fine Dining Lovers?

Selected stories will be published every month for up to one year in all editions of Fine Dining Lovers.

What are you waiting for? We look forward to hearing your story!

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*For any questions, write to the following email address with the subject title: Reservation Book