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Cabbage Heart Salad

Zero Waste: Cabbage Heart Salad

Cabbage stalks, yesterday's rye bread, parsley stalks, horseradish root peels... don't throw them in the garbage. Instead, use them to turn off-cuts and food waste into a lively, interesting side dish that can work as a small plate, or indeed be served as a main to lovers of plant-based food. 

11 November, 2022
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Type of dish

serves for



Cabbage stalk
1-2 ea
Sour Cream
30 g (2 tbsp), whipped
White truffle oil
10-15 g (2 tbsp)
Crunchy rye crumbs
5 g (1 tbsp)
Parsley stems
1 tbsp, finely chopped
to taste
Caster sugar
to taste
Black pepper
to taste
Apple cider vinegar
to taste
Horseradish root
to taste
Edible Flowers
if available for decoration

We invited chefs from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy to create recipes using leftover ingredients from the preparation of their dishes. The recipes we have collected are to help you fight food waste at home and, more importantly, to inspire you to create something delicious with food that would normally be thrown away. 

Here, Stanislav Pisotskyi creates a side-salad rich in flavour.

Step 01

Cabbage heart petals.

Prepare a large plastic container with ice water. If you are out of ice, use the coldest water you have. If needed, peel off the skin from the stalks. Cut lengthwise with a mandolin or vegetable cutter as thinly as you can. Submerge in the ice water and leave for a few hours in the fridge. You can leave it overnight if you have time. Dry it with a spinner or with paper towels. It should be served immediately while it's still cold and crunchy 


Step 02

Whipped sour cream.

Combine 50g of cream cheese with 50g of low-fat sour cream (10%). Whip until it has doubled in volume. Season with salt, sugar, black pepper and vinegar to taste.


Step 03

Crunchy rye crumbs

Chilled the stale rye bread in the fridge overnight then grate the bread, without the crust, finely on a grater. Make sure you are left with approximately equal-sized crumbs with no lumps. Fry them on a medium heat using a dry non-stick pan with no oil, until crispy. Toss regularly. Don't burn the bread, otherwise, it will taste bitter. Leave on a paper towel until completely dry, then season with salt.

Step 04


Put two tablespoons of the whipped sour cream in the middle of the plate. Add finely-diced parsley stems and crispy rye crumbs on top. Cover the sauce evenly with the light cabbage petals. Season carefully with truffle oil, black pepper, and salt. Add a few drops of apple vinegar. Zest finely a clean but unpeeled horseradish root, and add to taste. Decorate your salad with seasonal flowers if available.


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