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We humans love potatoes. We bake them, fry them, boil them, and just about everything else. Try our favorite potato recipes!

Potatoes might be one of the most versatile food that humans eat. Is there anything they can’t do? From the humble french fry to the noble twice-baked potato, from the toothsome, spicy samosa and the juicy, indulgent croquette, the potato has been fried, mashed, boiled, stewed, and creamed in just about every way imaginable.

There’s really no limit to the number of inspiring potato recipes we could list here. However, in the interest of convenience and time, we’ve tried our best to narrow them down. We workshopped our best potato recipes until we had pared down the list to our absolute favorites. We know you’re dying to find out what made the list. Read on.

Easy Punjabi potato samosa recipe

This tasty samosa recipe hails from the mountains of the Punjab, a region in India famous for its hearty, heavily spiced foods. In this fried appetizer traditional to the region, potatoes are boiled until soft and then mixed with prices like turmeric, chili, garam masala, and amchur (powdered mango). If you don’t have the powdered mango, it’s best to substitute something acidic—lemon, lime, or a bit of vinegar can work here. Once you’ve prepared the filling, the dough is technically quite simple, but spiced with ajwain. Also known as carom seeds, these can be found at your local Indian or South Asian import shop.

Prepare the pastry dough, then roll the dough into balls. Flatten each ball to make a circle, then place a generous dollop of filling, sealing with the water-flour mixture. Then fry them—to get them extra crispy, fry them first at a lower temperature and then for a shorter time at a higher temperature.

Potato Samosas are traditionally—and, in the way of many potato dishes, most advisably—served with an array of chutneys and sauces. This way your guests can mix and match as they see fit. Common sauces include sweet chutneys like tamarind, mint sauces, and yogurt sauces. It’s best to have a variety of them so that your guests can savor and enjoy each and every flavor.

Potato croquettes recipe

There’s a beautiful symmetry of having a samosa recipe followed immediately by a croquettes recipe, because in many ways, these disparate delicacies have more similarities than differences—though they each display evidence of their places of origin. Where a samosa is spicy, slightly dry treat, the croquette is a creamy, fatty delight, thick with eggs and cheese. Indeed, the croquette is the samosa of the west, a deep-fried, potato based appetizer or snack, beloved by just about everyone who encounters it. Essentially, croquettes are made out of a thin mashed potato, fortified with cheese and eggs, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.

Unlike samosas, they’re served on their own without dips or sauces, but if you want some variety, try adding various mix ins to your potato mixture. Chunks of ham are quite common, but seafood, flavoring agents like saffron, different cheeses, or gently cooked vegetables are also common. Let your imagination go wild with this easy potato croquettes recipe!

Leftover mashed potato pancakes recipe

What to do with leftover mashed potatoes? Especially if you don’t have a microwave, it can be difficult to figure it out—mashed potatoes are notoriously difficult to reheat without making big changes to the texture and flavor. Luckily we have this creative and inspiring leftover mashed potato recipe. In this recipe, your leftover mashed potatoes are transformed in to crispy, fluffy pancakes—with almost no effort on your part! The potatoes substitute beautifully for the majority of the flour in the pancakes, so while not gluten-free, this recipe is at least low in gluten. They cook up almost exactly like ordinary pancakes, in fact, your guests will be asking you how you made them so fluffy! Like regular pancakes, these can be served with maple syrup, yogurt, fruit, or all three.

Vegan and gluten free potato cakes with carrots and sweet cabbage recipe

These Asian-inspired potato cakes are a little bit like gyoza or dumplings—a spiced cabbage filling is surrounded by crispy dough. But this is no ordinary dough: it’s a gluten free and vegan potato dough, just dense and chewy enough to stand up to aggressive sauces. Unlike most Asian dumplings, which also require special equipment like a steamer or deep fryer to prepare, these vegan and gluten free potato cakes are cooked in the oven. This makes them perfect for entertaining because they can be prepared ahead of time and just popped in the oven when needed—not to mention that, since they’re both vegan and gluten free, you don’t need to worry about some guests not being able to eat them! Serve them with a spicy sauce for bonus hosting points.

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