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Turkey Salad with Artichokes, Rocket and Goat's Cheese

Turkey Salad with Artichokes, Rocket and Goat's Cheese

Try this easy recipe to make a delicious turkey salad with artichokes, rocket and goat's cheese: it's a tasy main course for a special occasion.

20 July, 2018
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total time

1 HR 0 MIN


8 small, peeled and quartered
Lemon juice
2 lemons
Olive oil
2 cloves, crushed with the ball of your hand
2 sprigs
600 g, breast
Pine nuts
40 g
1 tbsp, hot
1 tbsp
Wine vinegar
4 tbsp, white
Goat cream cheese
50 g
2 bunches, chopped if necessary
Balsamic vinegar


How to prepare a Turkey Salad with Artichokes, Rocket and Goat's Cream Cheese

Drizzle the artichokes with lemon juice and heat 6 tbsp oil in a large pot.

Fry the artichokes, add the garlic and season well with salt and ground black pepper.

Pour in 125 ml water and add the parsley.

Cover and braise on a medium heat for around 10-15 min.

Leave to cool.

Season the meat with salt and ground black pepper and fry in 2 tbsp hot oil.

Then place in the oven on the lowest temperature.

Roast on a trivet set on a baking tray for around 20 min.

Toast the pine nuts in a dry, hot frying pan and then mix with the mustard, honey, vinegar and 4 tbsp oil.

Season with a little salt.

Remove the turkey from the oven and leave to cool for about 10 min.

Then cut into thin strips and arrange on four plates.

Place the artichokes on top and add a scoop of goat's cheese - use an ice cream scoop.

Place the rocket on top and drizzle with the dressing and the balsamic creme and serve sprinkled with pine nuts.

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