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Squid Stuffed With Vicentina Salted Cod, With Potato Cream And Black Rice 'Sails'


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Squid Stuffed With Vicentina Salted Cod, With Potato Cream And Black Rice 'Sails'
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Squid stuffed with salt cod, served with black rice and potato cream, an Italian fish recipe by Chef Angelo Gangemi from Don Carlos restaurant in Milan

For the squids
  • Squid 8 each, fresh, cleaned
For the salt cod
For the potato cream
For the rice 'sails'
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  • Preparation time
  • Cooking time
  • Recipe category Main course
  • Recipe yield 8
  • Recipe cuisine Italian

Salted cod
Re-hydrate the salt cod in running water for around 48 hours.
Clean the cod, removing skin and bones, put into a baking dish in which you’ve already sautéed onions, anchovies and extra-virgin olive oil, wet with the wine, let the liquid evaporate and add milk.
Cook for around 30/40 minutes until the cod has completely absorbed the milk.

Potato cream
Boil the potatoes for around 30 minutes in the vegetable broth with the whole piece of pancetta.
Then remove the pancetta and mix with a hand blender.
Then pass through a sieve.

Rice “sails”
Cook the rice as if it were a risotto for 60 minutes, then blend while still warm and pass it through a sieve.
Spread out on a sheet of waxed paper, pounding or rolling it out until thin and then let it dry out in the oven at 50°C for 24 hours.

Stuff the squid with the chopped salt cod, then roast them in a non-stick pan. Place each one on a bed of warm potato cream, then garnish with the sails of black rice, an anchovy on every squid and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. 


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