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Fillets Of Sole In A Light Liquid Sauce Of Grapefruit, Puntarelle And Clams


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Fillets Of Sole In A Light Liquid Sauce Of Grapefruit, Puntarelle And Clams
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This sole recipe by chef Dario Ranza, with puntarelle and clams, will tease the palate of the lovers of fish recipes with its charming aroma of grapefruit

For the sole
For the sole stuffing
For the liquid sauce
For the clams
For serving
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Stuffed fillets of sole
Scale the white skin of 1 sole, remove the black skin and proceed to fillet the sole. 
Apart, prepare a finely minced stuffing with sole flesh and single cream, then add mushrooms and spinach to the mixture.
Spread a thin layer of this mixture onto the skinned fillet and cover with the other white-skinned fillet.
Season with salt and extra virgin olive oil before wrapping in cling-film, taking care to preserve the original shape of the fish.
Steam at 72° for about 6 min.
Remove the cling-film, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and a little fleur de sel, Espelette chilli pepper, finely chopped dried grapefruit peel and parsley.

Liquid sauce
Reduce the grapefruit juice, 100 ml Bellavista brut, sole fish stock and clam cooking liquid by 60 %, with the pink grapefruit fillets.
Emulsify with whipped cream, 30 g Oilalà organic extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.
Apart, pan toss the puntarelle cut into finger length pieces, with 20 g Oilalà organic extra virgin oil and salt and pepper to season.
Deglaze with 50 ml Bellavista brut. 
Then add these to the sauce straight away.

After purging them, open the clams in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and white wine (without adding garlic).
Then discard the shells and filter the cooking liquid.

Slice the sole and serve in the liquid sauce, garnishing with clams, taggiasca olives and sesame seed breadsticks.

Puntarelle are chicory shoots of a variety known as Catalogna, picked while young and tender.

This dish was on the menu of the gourmet event Sapori Ticino 2012: read the report.

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