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Roast Suckling Pig with Mashed Potatoes


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Roast Suckling Pig with Mashed Potatoes
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Suprise your guests with an exclusive roast suckling pig recipe served with mashed potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke chips and fresh daikon watercress.

For the Roast Suckling Pig
  • Pork 1/2 small suckling pig, about 3 kg in weight
  • Orange 6 juiced
  • Garlic 1 head, cloves, peeled and minced
  • Bay 3 - 4 leaves
  • Ham stock 250 ml
  • Vanilla 1 pod, split in half with seeds scraped out
  • Butter 2 tbsp, cold and cubed
  • Salt
  • Pepper black, freshly ground
For the Mashed Potato
  • Potato 900 g, floury, white, e. g. Maris Piper, peeled and cut into even chunks
  • Butter 120 g, unsalted, melted
  • Double cream 60 ml
For the Jerusalem Artichoke Chips
To serve
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  • Recipe category Main course
  • Recipe yield 6

How to make roast suckling pig with mashed potatoes

For the roast suckling pig

To prepare the roast suckling pig first thoroughly rinse and clean the pig. Pat dry with kitchen paper.

Mix together the orange juice, garlic, bay leaves, and plenty of seasoning in a measuring jug.

Place the pig in a roasting dish large enough to fit it.

Pour over the marinade, rubbing it into the pig.

Cover and chill overnight.

The next day, remove the pig from the fridge and leave it to stand at room temperature for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 150°C (130° fan) gas 2.

Remove the pig from the marinade and place on a large baking tray.

Roast for about 2.5 hours until the pig is cooked through; the thickest part of the shoulder joint should register at least 71°C  on a meat thermometer.

Remove from the oven and cover loosely with aluminium foil, leaving it to rest as you prepare the rest of the dish.

Pour any juices from the tray into a saucepan.

Add the stock and bring to a rapid simmer, skimming away any scum that rises to the surface and edges of the pan.

Reduce the heat to low and add the split vanilla pod and seeds. Simmer gently for 10 minutes.

Whisk in the butter, by the cube, until the sauce has thickened slightly and is glossy.

Remove the pan from the heat and cover the roast suckling pig until needed.

For the Jerusalem artichoke chips

Preheat the oven to 190°C (170° fan) gas 5. Thinly slice the artichokes on a mandolin set to 0.25 cm cutting thickness.

Dry the slices with kitchen paper before brushing with sunflower oil on both sides.

Arrange the slices on a large baking tray, spaced apart.

Bake for about 20-25 minutes until golden and crisp at the edges; they should feel dry to the

Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

For the mashed potato

Cook the potatoes in a large saucepan of salted, boiling water until tender to the point of a knife, about 20 minutes.

Drain well and leave to steam off for a few minutes before passing the potato through a fine sieve, a tamis, or a ricer, collecting the potato in a mixing bowl.

Add the melted butter, beat well, and then beat in the cream and seasoning to taste.

To serve

Cut the roast suckling pig into portions. Reheat the sauce over a low heat at this time.

Draw lines of coulis on serving plates, spooning the mashed potato next to it.

Arrange the cress on top of the coulis with the artichoke chips to one side.

Season with flaked sea salt.

Position the roast suckling pig on top of the mashed potato, spooning the sauce around it.

Season the roast suckling pig with flaked sea salt and ground black pepper before serving.

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