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Mackerel, Peach, Almond, Buerre Noisette


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Mackerel, Peach, Almond, Buerre Noisette
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Mackerel recipe: a gourmet seafood recipe with mackerel and fruit by chef Shaun Anthony

For the mackerel
For the peach purée
For the almond crumble
For the beurre noisette gel
For the marinated peaches
To assemble
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  • Recipe yield 2
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Filet the mackerel and remove bones.
Mix the salt and sugar together.
Zest citrus fruits and slice fruits in 5mm slices.
Lay half of the salt/sugar on a tray.
Lay the mackerel skin side down on the salt/sugar.
Sprinkle the zest onto the fish.
Cover the fish with the remaining salt/sugar.
Lay the sliced fruits on top.
Refrigerate for 2hrs.
Remove from salt/sugar.
Rinse under cold running water.
Dry on paper towel.

Peach purée
Remove pits from peaches and cut flesh into medium dice.
Cook slowly in a large pot with the sugar, ginger, and white wine.
Cover with a parchment paper cartouche.
Simmer 10 min until tender.
Puree until fine in a blender.
Pass through a tamis and chill completely.
Return puree to blender and add egg white powder.
Blend on high speed to volumize.
Add Xantana and reduce speed to medium.
Blend for a further 2min.
Pass through a tamis.
Put mixture into an isi Siphon and charge with 2 capsules of n2O.

Almond crumble
Mix all ingredients together until combined.
Form mixture into 5g balls.
Bake in a convection oven on a silpat lined tray at 180°C for 20min.
Break up with hands.

Beurre noisette gel
Combine all ingredients.
Bring up to 90°C and maintain temperature for 3 minutes, whisking constantly.
Chill to 25°C and continue whisking.
Blend with a Ba-Mix.
Reserve in a squeeze bottle.

Marinated peaches
Combine all ingredients.
Simmer to infuse.
Strain and chill.
Vaccum pack with ½ peaches.

To assemble
Pan sear mackerel on the skin side to crisp skin.
Dry on paper towel.
Place on plate.
Siphon peach mousse in 3 mounds around the Mackerel.
Place marinated peach segments on mounds of peach mousse.
Crumble Almond Crumble around plate.
Squeeze drops of Buerre Noisette Gel around plate.
Garnish with Affila Cress.

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